Why finance with us?

Technical Expertise, Competitive Advantages

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Creative Financing

Specifically designed to fill the lending gaps between traditional financial institutions & mainstream investment banks.

PCIF is competitively positioned in a niche lending market as our loans can be structured and customized to meet the unique requirements of our borrowers. Our technical expertise aids us in ensuring that businesses obtain the right financing at competitive rates.

Investment Mandate

We follow a disciplined investment mandate to ensure profitable outcomes. Our specialty is financing small to mid-market companies requiring growth capital. In particular, we identify clear and sound exit strategies which would be expected to occur within terms of 6-36 months of financing.


  • Strong management teams & ability to mitigate risks
  • Competitive & profitable business
  • Assets available for collateral
  • Debt service capability

Size of Loans

  • Typically, our loans range from a minimum of $100,000 and are up to $10,000,000 CAD

Our extensive network of contacts with in-depth industry experience provides us with the ability to source, structure and raise capital.

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Debt Investment Capabilities and Lending Products

I. Secured /Asset Based Loans

  • PCIF is in a position to offer businesses greater flexibility via loan arrangements secured by fixed assets to assist in acquisition financing transactions.

II. Bridge Loans

  • PCIF offers companies in need of working capital or other capital requirements such as growth capital and refinancing. We provide short term, collateral based runway until your next liquidity event.
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PCIF focuses on providing capital to Canadian companies within the following industries:

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