Planting Seeds for the Future

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Fast Facts At Glance / Fund Metrics

  • Management participated with a group of strategic partners in the completion of 4,000 real estate residential units consisting of 1,500,000+ square feet of commercial & residential space
  • Managements previous projects along with our development partners, will have built out values in excess of $3,000,000,000 CAD.

Real Estate

We specialize in acquiring, planning, financing and developing in the residential, commercial and industrial real estate market within Canada.

The funding is sourced through our internal debt fund, strategic partnerships and raising funds from individual investors.

  • Land acquisitions
  • Project development financing
  • Joint-venture partnerships
  • We intend to partner with leading Canadian development firms to jointly acquire properties in thriving urban and suburban markets and develop them into valuable residential and commercial assets.

Strategic Partners

Development Partners

Sales and Marketing Partners

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